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Livestock Information/Project Shows

Hallsville FFA Livestock Contract

**Any issues at the ag farm need to be reported to Josh Shafer - jshafer@hisd.com**

Animal Specie Responsibilities 
- Swine: Mr. Shafer - jshafer@hisd.com
- Cattle/Poultry/Rabbits: Mrs. Killeen - akilleen@hisd.com
- Lambs/Goats: Ms. Simmons - hsimmons@hisd.com

Important Exhibitor Dates


  • 15th: Major Swine Tag Orders due $15 and Major Goat/Lamb Tags Orders due $25.

  • 21st: Harvest Festival Rabbit Validation at Hallsville High School Ag Shop

  • 22nd: Harvest Festival Entry Night at the Ag Shop


  • 21st-24th: Harvest Festival Livestock Show

  • TBD: Major Livestock Shows Goat/Lamb Validation


  • 9th: Major Livestock Show Entry Night

  • 17th: Major Hog Validation


  • TBD: Farm City Week Validation


  • Ft. Worth Livestock Show


  • Ft Worth Livestock Show

  • 6th: Hallsville FFA Showmanship Clinic

  • 11th-28th San Antonio Livestock Show


  • 2-21 Houston Livestock Show

  • 13-17 Star of Texas Livestock Show

  • 22-25 Farm City Week Livestock Show

Ft. Worth Stock Show Premium Book
San Antonio Livestock Show Premium Book
Houston Livestock Show and Rodeo Exhibitor Handbook


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